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PABST live @
Donaukanaltreiben, 29th may, 2015, 19:00
@ central garden
currently we work on our new album


Sitting between the chairs ...
POP - ROCK - TRIP HOP and sometimes experimental, harmony singing, two guitars, synth, bass, drums and english lyrics. We avoid too much virtuosity, but skilled, we are lovers and driven by melancholic music, idealists and passionate anyway.
CD of the month July - Haubentaucher
AIRPLAY of the new album so far
FM4 - haertbeat/rotifer-Platte zur Lage/Blumenau
Radio Orange - Dead City Radio/Rene Fuchs


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Noisy Town Groove
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full of light - official video
opener of the album "Full of Light"
PRESS RELEASE - german (pdf)
Pabst: „Full Of Light“ (Street Date: 19th of July 2013)
Second release by Pabst. At first sight „Full Of Light“ is not full of happiness. But it’s profound. The titletrack deals with „letting the things go, that we love“, says Austrian guitar-player Daniel Pabst. One main topic throughout the whole CD is „the trouble we have with farewells“. Yes, the songs on the CD are also about death and love. Pabst: „Sometimes it is not totally clear wether a song deals with love or anything else.“How can we cope with farewells? „Maybe I am a sentimental guy, but to me music is a good way to handle these issues.“ (Pabst) But still: The CD is optimistic, not pessimistic. The titletrack features the line: „I’m going into a room of light“. While the first Pabst-record was clinging to jazz-like, free structures, the new CD is more song-based following the rules of classical songwriting – featuring the musicians Thomas Tannenberger and David Schweighart. All in all „Full Of Light“ is a deep going, sophisticated record, on which the participating musicians had enough space to perform. You can hear synthisizers and a carillon. The songs of „Full Of Light“ do not offer answers, but they take us for a little journey – and they (maybe) leave us behind differently.

Discographie trafo “dogtailes” (2005), trafo: “trafism” (2008), Noise Town Groove: “Rurban” (2008), Pabst: “Songs For A Hopeless Minder” (2011), Pabst: “Full Of Light” (2013)

Done: Daniel Pabst studied jazz-guitar and composition, so far he played with musicians like Lukas Ligeti, Martin Philadelphy, Christoph Dienz, Karl Ritter, Mia Zabelka, Martin Siewert and Gerald Preinfalk. trafo. Daniel Pabst already had airplay and gigs overseas, also at John Zorns Club in New York City.

„Austria’s leading hard-core-jazzpunk-guitar-player. ...()... well composed and incredibly well played“ (Concerto)

Some reviews about the CD „Songs For A Hopeless Minder“:
„A great record“ (Kurier)
„The lyrics are upretentiously dealing with love and loss. They are not melancholic, but deal with real pain.“ (falter)

PABST unplugged on balcony TV Vienna
Dreamy Face at wuk/vienna 2013
 Sad Box at wuk/vienna 2013
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FOTO HIGH RESOLUTION (by andrea salzmann)